blooming buds

Welcome to Blooming Buds Higher Secondary School (Affiliated to CBSE)

Blooming Buds Higher Secondary is an exceptional school seeking to prepare students for life and further education. At BBHS, knowing why we learn, and how we learn, are just as important as what we learn. Our educational program is grounded in a deep respect for individual students and intellectual rigor. The School teacher’s help students internalize a process we call "QRA"--Question, Reflection and Action--which ensures that they think critically, integrate new knowledge, and apply what they learn. We help students develop their individual sense of purpose as they become caring citizens of the world.

Characteristics distinguish Blooming Buds education:

Close, cooperative relationships between teachers and students are the firmest foundation for effective learning. Young minds learn best in an environment of trust and respect where each student is valued as a unique gifted individual

At Blooming Buds education is rigorous. Students are expected to move beyond just memorizing facts to “higher order thinking skills” to analyze, interpret, synthesize, and create. For this reason, multiple-choice tests are uncommon at BBHS. Working within an above-grade-level curriculum, students become skilled at prioritizing and managing academic challenges as they progress from nursery to high school graduation.

In a world that is increasingly international and cross-cultural, BBHS seeks to provide students a global perspective. We emphasize their development of cultural competence and the ability to view each challenge and opportunity from multiple perspectives.